Fundación UZTAI Fundazioa


(Mental Health Promotion Policies Forum,  Sankelmark Institute, Rendsburg, Germany)



In a globalized world with fast social change the mental health of people is suffering deep impact. The challenge UZTAI Foundation will deal with is to take the opportunities of the new situation to cope properly with this impact, to help better the people suffering and improve the mental health of the population. Persons and institutions who have been involved in European Programmes such as PIVOT, UMH, MINDFUL, DEPRESSION, MMHE, REGHEALTH, IPPHEC, HCN, that in the last 20 years have helped to put Mental Health in the European Agenda, developing an stable network of cooperation in Mental Health Care, Prevention and Promotion Policies Planning and Implementation, have decided to organize an international Foundation to institutionalize this cooperation naming it UZTAI. The UZTAI Foundation’s overall objective is to meet the mental health, social and co existential needs of people affected by mental illness and mental disorder and especially those who suffer from a long term mental troubles, taking care of disabled and socially excluded persons. Uztai Foundation will also develop activities on planning and implementing strategies and policies to promote mental health and social cohesion.