Integral Promotion Plan for Urdaibai (Bizkay)


The IBAE Project, suggests to develop a pilot plan in Urdaibai. The Plan is based in the core activity of an area where it will begin with what has come to be known “ANCHOR  INSTITUTION” for revitalizing socio- economically depressed areas”. (“Meds and Eds” Pensilvanya University)
Urdaibai is a region declared of environmental interest by UNESCO, in which the original Plan for the Protection and Promotion , has not been developed in its proposals for “promotion”. So it is , we can assert, socioeconomically depressed, with several frustrated projects , and without any expectancy or hope for the region´s socio-economic future.

With IBAE we propose that in Urdaibai can be developed various educational and research programs in the field of Health Promotion and Art, from an environmental perspective. We are designing these programs in coordination with the University, with a potential for tourism and with the collaboration of companies and institutions involved in environmental issues, and the participation of artists, both visual arts as writers and musicians.

Starting from IBAE Plan and in agreement with the General Director of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, J. Ignacio Vidarte,  along July and August 2016, we have approached  to the opinion of social agents in Urdaibai, about IBAE Plan as a framework for extending the Guggenheim in Urdaibai. Within this goal we have interviewed 20 prominent people on issues that are described in the the report presented for local diputies.

Sumarizing the report we can say that there is a general view that in Urdaibai the population suffers from some discouragement about their prospects. In all the interviews, agreement on the following 5 points is expressed:

1)    The socio-economic  Promotion of Urdaibai,  must be based basically on a Comprehensive and Integral Tourism Plan.

2)    The plan must be integral. It must be a plan for the socio-economic promotion of each and every one of the towns and villages of Urdaibai.

3)    The expansion of the Guggenheim in Urdaibai can be a key, a motor for this plan.

4)    There could be different appropiate areas to locat the museum. it is suggested, also, as the appropriate core sitting  a place where buildings already exists but may be rebuilded appropiatelly, such as,the site of a current shipyard that has already developed its activities in other areas

5)    The development of the Plan must be participatory, with representatives of associations like Turdaibai (A local hostages association).

Consequently, the following recommendations are suggested

1) Conduct a Study about: A) Detailed Description of socio-demographic data and economic indicators as well as social capital in the region.B) Study of attitudes towards the points indicated, by a survey of Likert type, and Focus Groups. 2) Preparation of a draft Project, on the basis of this report and the results of the suggested study.