SELVO Project

Basque – Finnish Grundtvig project on Senior Volunteering during years 2011 – 2013

Uztai Foundation was invited by Kalliola Setlementti Association from Helsinki, to take part into a Project that pretends to develop the volunteering for older people, and that is promoted by European Union through LIFELONG LEARNING GRUNDTVIG Program.

The whole Project presented has been called: Seniors Learning by Volunteering ( SELVO) and was approved and supported by European Union for it´s develop during 2011 and 2012.

The SELVO Project  issues from the worry in EU for the situation of elderly population in Europe.  People live more and when retiring they have no occupation.  In this way there is a loss of experience and knowledge, and their health gets damaged for instance by depression.

That is why the SELVO Project was created, and pretends that the participants learn and generate knowledge from their experience on volunteering work of people older than 50 all along Europe.

















The program offered the experience of volunteers, in particular sharing skills and knowledge with another European country in the following areas:

  • Volunteer work with people with disabilities, assisting them to better integrate into their communities and challenging inherent stigmatization.
  • Understanding of community-based organizations, how they work, and the roll of volunteers in them. Practical and theoretical knowledge.
  •  Culture and well-being. Understanding how to develop and structure such services by volunteers for those with restricted access to them. Practical experience. 
  • Healthy outdoor activities and how to develop them with the local community, improving general access. • Experience of mental and physical well-being in a variety of situations, helping people to access various activities. Theoretical and practical experience.
  • Cultural heritage. Public and health services, and food and its impact on well-being. Theoretical and practical knowledge.