UZTAI from a global vision of world aims to develop and encourage actions of solidarity between people and towns, creating bridges of developed structures with others not developed that need cooperation.

It´s main objective is to find a more healthy and just world, carrying out actions in order to get better life conditions and cooperating in poverty reduction and health promotion understood in a wide way, emphasizing in primary health care and mental health in those countries economically disadvantaged and with a regional sustainable develop strategy, promotion of mental health, social cohesion and capital.

From our way of understanding the social change, we have clear that apart from a change in the South countries it is necessary a change in the North so that a better and more just and solidary world can be possible.  We do this, on the one hand, looking for collaboration of the developed countries  in developing cooperation projects with the most needed countries, and on the other hand, by means of promoting the education for development and sensibility, achieved in the heart of the society in general and proposing and promoting strategies and policies of mental health and social cohesion policies.

UZTAI believes that being voluntary is a right and a civic practice that enriches the society and organizations similar to ours.

Our Foundation, as a social interest organization needs a strong social tie that make possible to multiply his efforts for reaching his foundational objectives.  To reach it is essential to inform, articulate and mobilize society in general and to generate as a result a transformer action and a valorization as the social action.  The voluntary work, effective and organized, shows us that it is possible to look at the reality in another way and encourage us to live in another way, adding strengths and wills for the change.

The voluntary model that persues UZTAI is:

-Participatory: where each voluntary can participate in the activities as well as in the own live of the Foundation.

-Compromised and Motivated: where each voluntary contribute time enough to fulfil his commitments and is able to work in team so that we all can reach the foundational objectives.

Uztai Foundation wants to contribute to social change with the help of voluntary people and punctual collaborators to whom show learning and reflection spaces, and activity occasions in community actions of meetings with another groups and participate on works and campaigns organized by the Foundation.

For all this it is important to define the participation of these persons and organize their job, and this is why UZTA has decided to carry out a Plan of Voluntary People.  This plan pretends to develop and make possible social participation, as well as strength the organization with a social basis active in the civic compromise.